Best Rechargeable AAAA Batteries Reviews – Top Quality Choices

Ah, the tiniest battery of the A type. The AAAA batteries.

It is a really good idea to get the rechargeable AAAA batteries because they are not that easy to come by in general stores.

They are also not widely manufactured like the AA or AAA batteries which means that it is not easy tracking down a good, reliable brand for the reusable AAAA batteries.

I had a misfortune of having to go through a couple of odd named brands until I did my research and figured out the good stuff.

In the article below, you will find some of the best choices out there. There aren’t many unfortunately. But those two that I will review are really good so they should have you covered.

Top 2 Rechargeable AAAA Batteries

The batteries listed below are really the top notch in my opinion. They don’t differ that much in price either, so any of them will make a great choice.

Since these batteries are used mostly in low power draining devices like pen stylus, TV remotes, laser pointers or small headphone amplifiers, you don’t really need extreme quantities of charge in them. Luckily the brands below do offer big mAh numbers considering how tiny these batteries are.

1. ANVOW Smart AAAA Battery Charger with 2 Counts Rechargeable AAAA Batteries

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I love these the most.

First of all they come with their own charger. That is a big plus as most people do not own the AAAA charger.

Second, they are really high quality. These AAAA rechargeable batteries from ANVOW are a NiMH type of batteries that hold their charge for a long time and they can be reused up to 1200 times.

The charger is a USB charger. Just put your AAAA battery in it and stick it to any USB port.

The battery capacity is 400mAh which is excellent. These batteries don’t self discharge easily and are well designed. No leaking should happen if used properly.

Overall, they get my recommendation as the no1 choice. You should really go with these but just in case you are after something different I wrote about the other good brand as well.

2. EBL AAAA Batteries 4-Pack

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The biggest advantage these batteries from EBL have over the ANVOW above is that they come in a pack of 4 as opposed to the pack of 2. However, the EBL package doesn’t include the charger.

These batteries are also an excellent choice. They can be recharged up to 1200 times and they hold their charge very well. EBL is one of the most famous good rechargeable battery brands. I have used their batteries of various types for years.

They also come precharged using the solar energy. So they are very environmentally friendly.

Their capacity is 400mAh, just like the ANVOW.

The EBL is also known for its high safety features. But considering how AAAA battery is small they do not pose that much of a risk. Still any leaking or similar shouldn’t happen with the EBL.

Are you also looking to get AAA or AA batteries?

In case you are looking to get some AAA batteries as well, I wrote a detailed guide on them along with the reviews of the best choices. I also covered the AA batteries extensively in this article of mine.

I try my best to cover the batteries from multiple different perspectives. Like your budget and needs. If you are after these batteries as well then I highly suggest you check out those posts as well.


The tiny AAAA battery can cause quite a trouble. Most people never heard about them and they only learn about them when they first need them. Then they realize that the choices out there are not that diverse if they are looking at quality stuff. They are simply not widely available.

Avoid getting any odd brand name AAAA battery. Chances are that they suck or even worse they turn out to be AAA batteries when they arrive. Many sellers confuse them as well (those that don’t know the first thing about batteries). So be careful out there.

The ANVOW and the EBL should keep you covered. You won’t need anything else they already don’t offer. They are of great quality, reliable and with enough charge to power your devices.

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