6 Best D Batteries Reviews – Rechargeable cell And Alkaline Longest Lasting Choices

It is very important that you choose the best D batteries when you decide to buy them. They are more expensive than any other standard household battery because they are the biggest batteries commonly used in home devices.

You don’t want to buy something that doesn’t have a good price to quality ratio as these batteries are costly. Furthermore, you don’t want to waste your time on inadequate brands. Getting the batteries only to find out that they suck is a disappointing and sad experience that I experienced more than enough times.

That’s because I love batteries and ordering them, trying them out, studying them and etc. So naturally, I experienced a lot of remorse by deciding to trust a brand and only to be disappointed later.

That’s not something that you can easily afford with the D cell batteries. Unlike your regular AA batteries, these are much more expensive.

That is why I made this review article to help you chose the best D batteries for your needs.

Going with a proper set of batteries will save you money, time and a poor experience. It might even save you from a nervous breakdown if you are as obsessed with batteries as I am but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

6 Best D Cell Batteries Reviews

Now since they are not as cheap as smaller batteries, it is the most economical if you get yourself the best rechargeable D batteries. That is why for the first two picks of this review I listed the two top rechargeable options.

Now, of course not everyone likes to go with the rechargeable type.

That is why all the other choices will be the single use D cell alkaline batteries and they will be ranked based on how much value they provide for the money.

There will also be best choices when buying D batteries in bulk at the end of the reviews.

Now let’s get going!

1. Best Rechargeable D Batteries – Premium Tenergy D Size High Capacity

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If you know me then you know that I swear by the Tenergy rechargeable battery line. I love the Tenergy brand in general but they excel the most in their rechargeable batteries.

Their D batteries are no exception and these are the best D batteries that you can and probably should buy today. As mentioned above, the rechargeable type is going to be your wallet’s best friend. Unless you really prefer to use the single use alkaline batteries, you should get these from the Tenergy and be done with it.

These batteries have a huge amount of charge with their 10000mAh. You could power anything that is really power hungry with them without breaking a sweat. They are an excellent choice for high drain devices like big flashlights, smart home devices, radios, music instruments like pianos and etc.

They are a NiMH type of battery that can be recharged up to 1200 times. They will last you for a long time and after just a few recharges they will repay themselves. Another reason why you should consider rechargeable D batteries is the fact that they save the environment. Rather than throwing away hundreds of disposable batteries, you can reuse the rechargeable types.

The Tenergy D Cells hold their charge really well after they are charged even after the prolonged periods of time. They are very reliable and if you charge them and leave them be they will be ready to use. Naturally being that they are NiMH they will lose some charge but not a lot.

These batteries are made to endure low and high temperatures while still providing the same quality. They are rated to work as expected from -4F to 122F. They are excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

The safety aspect is one of the best things about Tenergy batteries. They are leak proof and are very safe batteries to use. They are UL certified for safety and also have a year of warranty.

In my humble opinion, if you choose the Tenergy batteries you will be satisfied and your devices will be powered with a safe, long lasting battery that is also not very expensive.

2.  EBL Ni-MH D Cells Rechargeable Batteries

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EBL is also one of the popular brands for rechargeable D batteries as they are of good quality. The EBL in general is quite good and it is often found on my recommendations. I think that they do a good job for the price they sell at.

Their rechargeable D batteries are a standard NiMH composition 1.2 volts D cell that holds a lot of charge. They are advertised at 10000mAh and I find that they deliver up to 90% of what they claim.

These batteries are a good choice for high drain devices and considering how much charge they can provide, you will not have issues powering devices like flashlights, tools, baby swings, various equipment and etc.

They are made with quality in mind as they are embedded in a very leak proof structure and they are able to go through 1200 cycles of use. Using them so many times will save you a lot of money and they too are a good choice for the rechargeable D battery.

They hold their charge really well. Once you charge them, you can set them aside and they will be waiting with most of their charge ready. Depending on how long they are kept inactive, they will lose some charge but in regular use scenarios, they will prove reliable.

They come precharged at about 15% of their capacity using solar energy. That is nice and environmentally friendly. But of course, once you get them for the first time, you should charge them to their actual capacity.

3. VONIKO Ultra Alkaline D Batteries

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Now let’s proceed with the single use cells. The VONIKO offers the best alkaline D batteries because they are the longest lasting. They are a bit pricey but not the most expensive option out there which means that they are a great value.

You might not be familiar with their brand but their batteries are on par with the top brands while being a bit cheaper. That is why if you are after the single use alkaline cells they are a very good choice.

These batteries hold a lot of charge when they leave the factory and they have a shelf life of up to 10 years which is on par with the biggest brand names. Quality batteries do not self drain easily and have protections in place to prevent that from happening.

Since they have a lot of power, they are a very good choice for high draining devices like flashlights, water heaters, kitchen appliances, cameras and etc.

Another thing that is important to note is that they have a very good safety design. They are safe from leaking and corrosion if used in normal conditions. This makes them a great choice if you need something to power sensitive and expensive equipment. 

VONIKO seems really devoted to their brand and from what I see their D batteries are excellent performers for the money. They are a bit cheaper than the brands like Energizer or Duracell while offering pretty much the same experience. That is why I listed them here as the best D sized alkaline battery.

They also have a beautiful clean design. This really doesn’t matter that much but it’s a step further which proves that they care about their brand.

4. Rayovac Fusion D Batteries Premium Alkaline

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Rayovac is a brand that I really trust and love. They are made in the USA and their quality is always somewhere among the top. Regardless if we are talking about the AA or the D cell batteries. The reason I placed them a bit lower than the above talked about VONIKO is that they are a bit more expensive.

And with the D cells, you should always thrive to get the most of your money and especially with the single use disposable alkaline batteries.

Rayovac Fusion is a very reliable, safe and packed with energy D battery. They could easily be your choice if you are after something that will be long lasting and you don’t mind paying a bit more for it. The next choice will be the best value choice and will have even better value than the VONIKO but less charge per cell.

Rayovac Fusion is not a value choice but a battery that will hold the charge for a really long time so that you have to change the batteries less often. But this convenience has its price. That is why they cost a bit more.

They are packed with energy and are probably the longest lasting D cell batteries. Powering devices like flashlights, water heaters, camera equipment, toys and similar will cause no sweat. On top of being a great choice for high draining devices, they also perform well for low draining use as well.

They are not going to easily drain their factory given charge. That is why they offer a 10 year power guarantee for the shelf life.

These batteries are very safe and they have an excellent design meant to prevent any leaking from occurring.

5. Allmax D Maximum Power Alkaline Batteries – Best Value D Batteries

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Now lets proceed with the best value batteries. The Allmax, as usual takes this spot.

Allmax is a brand that will usually provide you with more charge per dollar and their big battery line like C or D are where they excel the most in my opinion.

However, don’t assume that they are without their downsides. It is just that their downsides are for most people not a deal-breaker. That is why they represent such good value.

They have a good amount of charge. Less than the top brands but very close to them while being much cheaper than them. This means that you will pay less money for the same amount of charge but you will need to use a bit more batteries.

Meaning that you will be switching them out a bit more often while saving a ton of cash. This is a great thing for most people. It is not very often that this will be a deal breaker and if you are after the best value disposable alkaline D batteries then look no further as these are it.

But you should also know that they have a shorter shelf life than the top brands. They will last you in storage for up to 7 years as opposed to 10. This is not ideal if you are planning on getting them in bulk.

The Allmax D batteries are a good choice for powering high drain devices as well but they might get eaten up a bit faster than others. They are also a great choice for low draining devices as they have pretty good low self discharge features.

Overall they are a good choice for powering children toys, lanterns, baby swings, air pumps and etc. They perform well even in outdoor use.

These D batteries are also pretty well designed safety wise and shouldn’t leak if used properly and in the right environments.

6. Tenergy 1.5V D Alkaline High Performance Battery

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Single use alkaline D cells from Tenergy are also an excellent value choice and especially when bought in bulk. They offer the 96 pieces in bulk package and you will get the best deal per battery from them. These batteries last on par with the top brands which makes them the best bulk D batteries.

Of course, you can buy them in smaller quantities too. For example, if you buy them in the same quantity as the Allmax you will get them for just a tiny bit bigger price. They are also safer than Allmax in my opinion and from what I can see from the available information online. So if you plan on using your D batteries in devices that need high-quality leaking protection then these may be a better choice.

If you decide to buy D batteries in bulk then there is no better deal than with Tenergy.

They pack a lot of power and are meant for use with high draining devices like torches, baby swings, camera equipment, demanding toys, stereo equipment, lighting and etc. They are also an excellent choice for low draining devices thanks to their low self discharge.

Their shelf life however is the lowest in this review. They will give you a 5 year shelf life. So you should consider buying this big quantity of batteries only if it makes sense. This is a great option if you are burning through the D batteries on a daily basis but you don’t want to go with a rechargeable road. If you need absolute reliability because you don’t want to be forced to recharge constantly in order to have power available these are for you.

They have excellent endurance in low and high temperature conditions. They will perform as expected in a range of -4F to 129F degrees. This makes them a great choice for indoor and outdoor devices.

As all of the batteries from the Tenergy, they are safety certified to meet rigid requirements by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). They are well designed and will not leak on you if used properly.

D Batteries Buying Guide – How to choose for your needs

If you are still in a need for help don’t worry. Now we will discuss some of the differences you probably noticed these batteries have.

You should choose according to your needs and budget.

Now let’s see how you can maximize the value you get from the batteries you buy.

Getting the Rechargeable D batteries or the Single use

If you will be using a lot of D batteries it is probably best to get a good set of rechargeable D batteries. My recommendation is the Tenergy set in the no1 place of the review.

They will save you money and effort of constantly buying the batteries.

However, this means that you need to recharge them once they deplete. This doesn’t work for everyone but for most of you it will work and you really should go with the rechargeable batteries if you will be using them a lot.

You should only get the NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) rechargeable D batteries. Forget the NiCad (Nickel-cadmium), if you see them, stay away from them. They are old school, dangerous (toxic), bad for the environment and they are not as good as the modern NiMH from quality brands.

On another hand if you are not going to be using a lot of D batteries, then you will be perfectly fine with the alkaline single use cells. You will probably benefit the most from either Allmax or Tenergy single use package of lets say 12 pieces or how much you need. But if you want the best stuff, you should go with VONIKO or Rayovac.

But what if you need to use a lot of batteries and you can’t rely on charging them all the time? Maybe your work needs you to always have a good battery on hand. Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of constantly charging the batteries.

In that case, you should buy them in bulk from Tenergy. That way you will always have safe and reliable cells on hand to power your equipment. But doing things this way will be burning a bigger hole in your pocket than using the rechargeable cells. Just saying.

Are you also looking for the Quality C Batteries?

I also wrote a huge guide about the best C batteries. While they are similar to the D battery, I had some different brand recommendations for different needs. I also covered the rechargeable and single use options.

If you are after those batteries too, then follow the link and check out the reviews. You don’t have to be really thorough when you read it because it is a similar article to this one. But it does have different brand choices.


Since the D cell batteries are more expensive than other batteries commonly used in households you should be careful of not spending more than you need. Going with a proper brand and battery type (NiMH vs alkaline) will greatly reduce your costs in the long run or a short run.

Hopefully, I managed to help you make your choice. I did my best to write this D batteries review and if you found it helpful please share it with your friends if they are into gadgets that need these cells. Thank you for reading and I hope your device and batteries last you a long time.

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