Best C Batteries – Rechargeable and Alkaline Cells Reviews

C Batteries are more expensive than A type batteries. So it is really a good idea to do your research about them and especially if you will be using them a lot.

I have a few devices that rely on this battery. I wasted quite a sum of money by not getting the quality brands.

You don’t want to spend your money on something that will die quickly. What’s worse, you will waste your time because you will need to buy the batteries again and wait for the order, again.

On another hand, you don’t want to buy something that is not suited to your needs. As you will soon see, the C batteries come in many choices. Rechargeable NiMH, value choice, longest lasting, alkaline single use and etc.

Getting the best C batteries will depend on your use case, how frequently you plan on using them and what is your philosophy.

The philosophy part mainly revolves around the fact that there are batteries that are cheaper but you have to switch them out more frequently and batteries that cost more but they are set and forget. It’s not so much about the money but how you like to handle things.

8 Best C Batteries Reviews

The reviews below showcase the best C batteries you can get. I based these reviews on my personal experience but also on the vast amount of research I made with various battery communities there are. Forums, Reddit, FB groups and etc. There are many battery communities that I follow as I really like batteries and how they work.

I had a lot of experience with many types of cells, regular batteries like A types or C types I used plenty but I am also well invested in the use-specific batteries like the 18650, 20700s and etc. I know my batteries but I also like to do thorough research to make sure that my own biases don’t interfere with my choices.

Now, let’s get started!

1. Duracell Alkaline C Batteries CopperTop All Purpose

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When it comes to the single use alkaline C batteries I think that the Duracell provides you with the longest lasting batteries but also the most expensive ones. Duracell is generally known for their high quality but I think that in their larger battery lines like the C type they did a very good job.

Since these batteries are pricier than others on the list, they are obviously not the value choice. The next pick will be the value choice.

The Duracell alkaline C battery will provide you with a huge amount of charge. They are a good option when you want something that will last longer and you don’t mind the heftier price tag. They are good at both high drain and low draining devices. That is because they are capable of outputting a large amount of charge at once and they do not have a high self discharge rate.

They are guaranteed to last you for 10 years. On your shelf that is. Most of the high quality brands promise a big shelf life and they should. A good battery will not self discharge easily.

While these batteries are expensive, you get a lot of them in a package and considering their long shelf life you will spend them at one point or another.

They are very well designed safety wise. Duracell batteries in general are leak proof and it is very rare that they leak over your electronics.

All of your toys, flashlights, music instruments, smoke detectors and similar will be powered with ease. They will last longer than most other batteries out there but not long enough to justify their price tag. What you are buying with these C batteries is the convenience of not having to change them more often.

Overall, they are a great choice if you want something that you can count on and that will last longer than your usual battery.

2. Allmax C Maximum Power Alkaline – Best Value C Batteries

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Now let’s proceed on something that is much lighter on your pocket while providing a great performance.

The Allmax is a brand that generally provides you with the best value batteries. They are usually contested with the AmazonBasics battery brand when it comes to the value they provide for the money. But in the case of C batteries, Allmax takes the lead and that is why it is listed here as the best for your money.

These C batteries have a lot of charge and they are cheaper than other top brands. They are an excellent choice for high drain devices like radios, musical instruments, toys, flashlights, lanterns, tools and etc. They are also pretty good but not the best when it comes to the self discharge rate. That is why they are rated with the 7 years shelf life.

These batteries are cheaper but you will probably be switching them out a bit more often than other leading C battery brands. A little bit more of an inconvenience but a much better price. What you lose in your time to change out the batteries, you will make up on saving your money.

The Allmax designs their batteries with safety in mind. They have strict manufacturing protocols to make sure that the batteries that reach their customers are safe and leakage free. Usually, their C batteries and other batteries they sell, do not leak or cause any problems to the devices.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Allmax alkaline C single use batteries as the best value choice you can get today. I love and trust their brand and so do many people from the battery communities I am a part of.

You probably won’t find a better deal in terms of the amount of charge per money. However, switching out batteries a bit more often could be a deal breaker for you and in that case, there are brands like Duracell, Rayovac, Tenergy and Energizer. Energizer and others will be covered further below in the article. Now we will proceed with the rechargeable batteries.

3. Tenergy Premium High Capacity – Best Rechargeable C Batteries

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Tenergy is one of the top battery brands today. I love their batteries, they are not very expensive while being of high quality at the same time. Their rechargeable lines are probably where they excel the most.

If you are planning on using a lot of C batteries then getting a good set of rechargeable batteries is a good idea. C batteries are more expensive than regular A type batteries and you shouldn’t be wasting your money if you don’t have to.

Tenergy Premium high capacity line of rechargeable C batteries is going to power pretty much anything you can think of with their 5000mAh charge packed in a NiMH battery. It is a great choice for powering high performance devices like toys, radios, flashlights, tools and similar.

They also hold their charge extremely well. Once you charge them they will be available to you for a long time. Tenergy really doesn’t mess around. It is a trusted brand that provides much more than expected.

Another big plus is that these batteries perform as usual in extreme weather conditions. They will operate without any problems in temperatures like -4F all the way up to 122F. They are an excellent choice for outdoor use for your camping equipment, flashlights or anything else that needs to be powered outdoors.

They can be reused up to 1200 times. That means that you will be able to save yourself a ton of money and time when compared to regular alkaline C batteries. Tenergy cells retain up to 85% of their charge for one year after they were charged. This makes them reliable and a great replacement for disposable c batteries.

They have a very good design and body construction. They are UL certified for safety and feature a very advanced leak protection design. I don’t know if anyone had any leakage problem with them.

If you are looking for rechargeable C batteries then these are your best bet. Feel free to check out my other reviews below, I would too, but knowing what I know today I would just get a pack of these and save myself the trouble.

4. EBL Rechargeable C Batteries

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Any C size battery from EBL is going to perform really well. The EBL produces some of the longest lasting C cell rechargeable batteries. They are also one of the more known battery brands in general. I think that they do better with bigger batteries like C and D than their smaller types like A types.

These C cells from EBL are also a great choice if you will be using a lot of batteries. It is much more sustainable if you reuse the C battery rather than depleting alkaline cell after cell.

These are high capacity C batteries and they can hold up to 5000mAh. The EBL does pretty well with their C line and they actually have a similar charge as advertised. Somewhere around 90-95% is what you can expect to get from them.

They also utilize a ProCyco technology which allows them to be recharged up to 1200 times. They offer 1.2V, are NiMH based, and come in standard C size, also known as R14 (fancy name for the C battery).

They hold their charge really well. They are a reliable choice if you wish to charge them and know that they will have most of their charge on them when you need them even months down the line or even a couple of years.

The EBL C batteries are excellent for high power-draining devices thanks to their huge capacity. Children’s toys, flashlights or musical instruments won’t have any trouble with them. They are also very safe as their design has taken special precautions for leak prevention.

5. Eneloop Spacers 4 C Size Spacers & 4 D Size Spacers

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Now this is something a bit different.

These are not batteries but are instead used to “convert” your AA batteries into C or D cells. You get 4 spacers for C cells in the package along with 4 pieces for D.

If you are not interested in something like this, just skip immediately to the next actually battery pick. But these are really good if you already have reliable and quality AA batteries because you can use them in place of C batteries.

While they are manufactured by Eneloop, they can be used with any AA battery. It doesn’t have to be an Eneloop brand.

This is a great solution that can save you money and trouble of getting the C cells. Although these spacers are expensive themselves, they make sense buying if you already have either a bunch of AA cells or rechargeable cells to use with them.

Also you should keep in mind that converted C cells using these spacers will not last as long as actual C batteries because they will have less charge. Because the AA cell holds much less charge than the C cell.

6. Rayovac Fusion C Batteries, Premium Alkaline C Cell

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These alkaline C batteries from Rayovac are an excellent single use choice that is much cheaper than the Duracell batteries while offering a similar energy charge.

Rayovac is one of the most trusted brands in the battery industry. Their batteries are made in the USA and go through a bunch of steps in quality control before they hit the shelves. I like their batteries a lot but while they are cheaper than some other top brands, they are still not the value choice when it comes to the single-use alkaline c batteries. That spot belongs to the Allmax reviewed above.

These cells will provide you with huge power that will easily power all of your devices from demanding toys to flashlights and outdoor equipment. They are able to provide a big charge output but they are also excellent when it comes to charge retention.

They have a 10 year power guarantee. That means that if you buy them today they will keep their factory charge for at least 10 years. Rayovac fusion is a really well made battery that is long lasting and reliable. If you need something to store for future use then they are one of the best choices.

Rayovac Fusion C batteries are very leak proofed. They are designed to prevent any damaging leaks and I never heard of anyone having such a problem with Rayovac.

Overall, these are a big recommendation from me. Cheaper than most top brands, offers a lot of power, reliable and safe.

7. Energizer Max C Batteries – Alkaline

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Energizer is a known brand for its quality. I only wished that they also produced lithium C batteries as they do with the A types. If they did, that battery would probably be sitting in the no1 spot.

They do offer a quality alkaline single use choice. The C battery from Energizer is also a very good choice. They are of quality build, have a very long shelf life, a lot of charge and are not very expensive but still not beating the Allmax price wise.

These batteries from Energizer are very good for powering kid’s toys, torches or radios. They are generally long lasting but not as the Fusion above or the Duracell. Still, these differences are not very big and they represent an overall quality choice.

Their alkaline C cells have a really low self drain rate and just as Duracell or Rayovac, they too have a 10 years shelf life. Meaning that if you get them, you can rest assured that you will use them at some point before they die out on their own.

Their batteries are leak proofed and overall have a good quality build. They are a good reliable battery that is on par with Rayovac and Duracell when it comes to the quality and being a bit behind them when it comes to the charge.

8. Tenergy 1.5V C Alkaline LR14 Battery

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As mentioned before, Tenergy is one of the top battery manufacturers and one of my favorite brands.

Above, I reviewed their top rechargeable batteries and I do believe that they excel the most at their rechargeable line. However, their single use alkaline C battery line is also pretty good and especially when bought in bulk.

The Tenergy is the second best value choice, only second to the Allmax C batteries. They are very good and have a lot of power while being cheaper than the top brands. It is most economical to buy their 24 pieces pack of alkaline batteries.

They are a great choice for power hungry devices while at the same time, they have a very low discharge rate. Just like the top brands, they offer a 10 year shelf life while costing less than them. Tenergy actually beats Allmax here as a value choice because they have a 3 year longer shelf life. This makes them the best value choice if you are planning on stocking up the batteries for future use.

They perform well even in low temperatures like -4F or on high temperatures up to 129F degrees. This makes them a great choice for any type of outdoor use.

Tenergy C alkaline battery line has passed quality tests and strict requirements by RoHS and they have an SGS certificate. They are a very safe, leak free battery that is also environmentally friendly.

Overall, these are a great budget option that provide a serious amount of power. I love the Tenergy brand and think that they have rightfully cemented themselves among the greats. If you are into using disposables rather than rechargeables then the best value choice will be either Tenergy or Allmax depending on how much shelf time you need and the amount of safety you are satisfied with.

Allmax has a bit lower price while Tenergy has longer shelf life and more safety features.

C Batteries Buying Guide

image illustrating battery charge levels

There are a few things you should keep in mind when making your choice. If you haven’t decided already then maybe I can offer a bit of additional help.

Let’s see what are your options and how to decide.

Rechargeable C batteries or Single use

Alkaline vs NiMH C batteries is what this boils down to.

If you will be spending single-use batteries like candies then it is best to go with the rechargeable C batteries. That’s a no brainer but what if that doesn’t work for you?

What if you need a more reliable power source from the C cells than the rechargeables? Well in that case it is better to stock up on the alkaline C cells. The Tenergy rechargeable batteries are very reliable and they don’t drop their power very much when left on their own but even they have their limits. If you need highly reliable power and you can’t be bothered to recharge batteries all the time then getting more disposable batteries will do the job for you.

On another hand if you don’t mind recharging the batteries the rechargeable C batteries will be your best friends. You will pay for them once and they will last you for a long long time.

Shelf life

If you are planning on using the C batteries periodically until you spend the package then it is important to realistically look at the shelf life. If you get too many of let’s say Allmax, because they are the cheapest value choice, but then you don’t spend them all in the 7 years timeframe which is their shelf life, you will just waste your money.

You should get the batteries with the highest shelf life that you can if you will be storing them for a long time. But you should also try to get the value choices like Allmax and Tenergy if you can depending on the shelf life that you need. The Duracell, Rayovac or Energizer are also great choices shelf life wise but they are more expensive.

Are you also searching for Top D Batteries?

If you are after the best D batteries then don’t worry because I got you covered. Follow the link and you will find a big guide with the reviews of the top D battery brands. Some of the brands are the same as in this article but not all of them.

I find that some brands performed better for the D batteries and felt that they needed a different review article. You can skim through it, no need to read the whole thing if you read this one because you already got it now and you can just see which brands are good in my humble opinion.


In the end, I would just like to remind you to buy according to your budget, needs and what is realistic. If you have a lot of children’s toys to power then you will be wasting your money buying single use batteries. But if you are powering something more important and you need a lot of C cells it is good to have reliable alkaline cells stored just in case, even if you do buy rechargeable batteries. Because in case you forget to charge them, you will have energy available.

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