Best AA Batteries – Alkaline, Lithium and NiMH Brand Comparison and Reviews

If you are anything like me, you will need a lot of AA Batteries in a year.

However, batteries cost money and it is stupid to waste it on poor performers. It is even worse if you waste your time than your money. Nothing more annoying than taking out a brand new battery from its package, putting it in your device and finding out a day or two later that it is already dead.

That makes my blood boil. I wasted money, my nerves and my time because now I have to change the batteries again. Order another brand. Wait for it to arrive, again. I hate that. And you probably don’t want to experience that either.

That is why I decided to write this review and summarize my take on the best AA batteries you can buy today.

In this article you will see what are the best options and learn about choosing which type of a battery for what type of use.

8 Best AA Batteries Reviews:

I did my best to compile this list of batteries based on my own experience with them and based on the extensive research I conducted online. My personal experience could have flawed my view so I had to make sure that I compiled the proper list.

For example, my personal experience with the EBL battery brand was great, but after seeing that some people reported that they failed to reach above 90% of their advertised capacity I couldn’t include them.

That’s not to say that the batteries listed below are without their flaws on a case to case basis. But after a lot of research, I concluded that these are the best AA batteries for certain uses and budgets in my humble opinion.

Now, let’s waste no more time!

Let’s proceed to batteries!

1. Energizer AA Lithium Batteries – Best Overall

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First of all, as the name suggests, these are Lithium AA Batteries and are best overall. This means that they are more expensive than other nonrechargeable batteries on this list but are also the top performers.

However, they are not the best performer for the money because per dollar they will offer less value than the pick below.

Still, they are the best you can get today. Their price is justified because of multiple factors.

They are the longest lasting aa batteries you can get and the best lithium aa batteries. This is highly beneficial when you want to set and forget. It is worth paying for more if you don’t have to change them out all the time. These batteries hold a lot of power in them and are slower to drain than others.

This means that your devices like digital cameras, security systems, mouse, game pad or anything else will require you to change batteries less often.

They also hold their power stored for up to 20 years. Don’t get this confused with the recharge ability. They are strictly single use. It is just that the power that comes with them can be stored for up to 20 years.

They are much lighter than regular alkaline batteries, can endure low temperatures of -40 and high up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also very leak proofed which means that they are safe thanks to the safety features like leakproof construction.

Lithium batteries like this one are the best choice for high drain devices. That is because it will provide the maximum power. But it is also a great choice for low drain devices that require nonleaking safety. These batteries will not leak while providing a long life time to the low drain device.

Overall, I highly recommend these batteries if you need something reliable, with a lot of juice and with a leakage free experience. Another thing worth noting is that when people experience the quality of the lithium aa batteries, they tend to stick to them even if they are more costly than their alkaline counterparts.

If you want something that’s top rated, non-rechargeable, don’t mind a bigger price then go right ahead and get the Energizer AA lithium batteries. You can also get the price down by buying a bigger package.


  • Strongest
  • Lithium battery
  • Longest lasting
  • Longest shelf life – 20 Years
  • Excellent leak protection
  • Very lightweight
  • Endures various temperatures
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Expensive
  • Non-rechargeable

2. AmazonBasics AA Alkaline Batteries – Best For The Money

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Now, remember how I said that the battery above may be much better but per dollar it doesn’t have the best rate?

That’s because there are batteries like the AmazonBasics AA Alkaline that will give you less power but with a much smaller price tag. You will need to change them more often and they are not as secure when it comes to leaking but they truly do offer the most for your buck.

These batteries are best when bought in bulk. The more you get the cheaper they are. That’s a neat way to go about it but keep in mind that by doing it that way, you will contribute to more pollution. Just something to keep in mind, I won’t be pretending like I never buy them in bulk.

Besides, it’s not like these are some horrible batteries that will be dying on you all the time. They are actually very good. Not as good as other brands on this list but they are pretty close to them. That is why them having a smaller price and being close to the competitors makes them the best aa battery for the money.

Buying them in bulk also makes sense because they have a 10 Year shelf life. So getting like 50-100 pieces at once will prove to be a valuable purchase.

They are a standard alkaline 1.5 volt AA battery that will perform well in devices like toys, game controllers, mouse, flashlights, clocks and others. I wouldn’t really use them for things like security cameras and such because of leakage concerns.

AmazonBasics AA batteries are actually quite safe when it comes to the leaking and it has a quality short circuit prevention mechanisms. Still, being an alkaline battery of cheaper price I wouldn’t use it for expensive tech that needs reliability.

This brand also features something called adaptive power which they claim helps the battery adapt power for the needs of high or low draining devices. This results in better efficiency and makes the battery last longer.

All things considered, this is easily the best budget option. Yes, they are not as good as top brands but are also cheaper and have a better price to quality ratio. If you are after something like this then they are probably your best bet.


  • Affordable
  • Best value alkaline AA batteries
  • Cheapest when bought in bulk
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Decent amount of power
  • Good Leakage protection


  • On a case by case basis can provide a poor experience
  • The lowest amount of power in contrast to others on the list
  • Non-rechargeable

3. Ikea ladda AA Battery 2450Mah – Best Rechargeable

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Now let’s talk a bit about rechargeable aa batteries. The pick 3, 4 and 5 (this one is special) are rechargeable and then I will continue reviews for the non-rechargeable alkaline batteries with the pick 6, 7 and 8.

There are many opinions from the battery community about which are truly the best. However, based on all of my research the Ikea ladda is the best AA rechargeable battery all things considered. They are also decently priced. They sit on par with many other quality options and are also cheaper than a few of them.

Ikea ladda offers the Nickel metal hydride (NiMH for short) 1.2 V batteries with the capacity of 2450Mah. And you will get pretty much that capacity from them. Most tests show that they offer more than 98% of the advertised capacity. They are made in Japan and are an affordable high quality choice.

These batteries will last you for a long time. You can save hundreds of alkaline AA batteries if you get the rechargeable package like these. Just don’t forget to get the charger as well. Any NiMH charger will do.

Powering any high draining device will not be an issue with them. Toys, cameras, humidifiers, air purifiers and similar devices will run easily. On another hand, low draining devices like clocks or remotes will also be handled well because these batteries handle the self-discharge quite well.

Usually, the NiMH batteries tend to lose charge over time on their own but good brands like Ikea have handled this problem efficiently. These will not self-discharge and will keep their energy even with the prolonged periods of time. They come pre charged out of the box and are ready for use. You don’t have to do anything else other than put them in a charger once they deplete.

They are leak proof, safe and with a quality build.

To summarize, they are efficient, cheaper than other top brands, of very high quality, made in Japan and can handle high draining tasks with ease while also being very good for the low draining uses. Easily one of the top rated AA batteries.

These batteries will not let you down. It is my big recommendation to go with them if you decade to go with the rechargeable option.


  • High amount of charge 2450mAh
  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t lose much charge on its own
  • Excellent leak protection
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Recheargable up to 500 times
  • Made in Japan


  • Only 4 included in the package

4. AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries – Best value rechargeable

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Now just as I did with the alkaline single use AA batteries, I will do with the rechargeable types. First I presented the best option overall and now you get the best value choice.

The AmazonBasics again takes this spot. They offer high capacity rechargeable NiMH 2400mAh batteries which are pretty good. Again, they are a value choice. For the same money, you can get more of them but they will offer a bit of a lower performance.

They hold most of their advertised capacity but they tend to fluctuate around the 85-90% as they hardly reach up to 100%. Still, for the money that is very good.

They also handle high drain tasks very well. So if you need aa batteries for things like game controllers, nightlights or flashlights they will do the trick just fine. When it comes to the low drain needs like remotes, wall clock, alarm clocks and similar they will also perform decently as they have protections from self-drainage.

AmazonBasics are precharged and ready to use out of the box. They can be reused hundreds of times and that way you can save yourself the trouble of buying alkaline batteries over and over again.

These batteries have a good leak-free design and are generally well made. I can’t say that they offer better design when it comes to leakage than other more expensive brands but for normal regular use, they are good enough.

Another important thing worth noting is that there are instances where these batteries do not provide the quality they usually do. I guess that is what happens when you try to bring something on the market that is cheaper than what others offer while striving to be similar to them.

I am not saying that buying these is a gamble but just that some people didn’t have a good experience. This can happen to any brand but it is more likely to happen to those trying to do it all under the budget.

Generally speaking, these are the greatest value aa batteries that recharge. If you need to buy more of them like 8 or even 24 and you need them under budget then the AmazonBasics is probably your best bet.


  • Great value for rechargeables
  • Decent real life capacity
  • Pretty good performance
  • Doesn’t self drain a lot
  • Pretty good leakage protection
  • Can be reused hundreds of times


  • Some people had bad experiences with them
  • They usually fail to reach their maximum capacity

5. SurvivalFrog USB AA Rechargeable Battery

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Now for the next aa battery recommendation I have something special.

These batteries are USB charged by removing their cap and plugging them into any USB port. The cap is tied with a string to a battery so that you never lose it. They can be charged in a USB hub all at once or any of them individually in literally any USB connector.

There are many of these novelty types of aa batteries that involve USB charging but I find most of them not to do a good job at it. They either focus too much on their USB innovation that they forget that the battery needs to have a good quality as well. Or their innovation is not that effective at making things easier for the consumer.

I personally don’t like those batteries that have the USB port on them because then you need a cable as well.

These SurvivalFrog AA batteries are really well made with the quality of the cell in mind. And only then did they figure out their innovative design. This means that they hold their charge well, don’t drain easily on their own and can handle high draining devices as well.

They have a lower capacity than the two choices above, sitting at about 1450mAh. That is probably because in order to fit the USB dongle in the standard AA battery format they had to reduce the part that is actually filled with the NiMH.

Their capacity is as advertised which is great and if you don’t need to use them on something that spends a ton of energy then they can be a great choice. They are also very good as portable batteries. You don’t have to carry an additional charger and they can be plugged into your laptop, car charger or similar.

They can be reused more than 500 times. This makes them a time and money saver.

SurvivalFrog battery is safe and leak free. Their design overall is very good from engineering perspective and from the esthetics point of view.


  • Innovative, helpful USB charge design
  • Portable
  • Quality cell design
  • Doesn’t lose much charge on its own
  • Excellent leak protection
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Rechargeable more than 500 times


  • Lowest capacity of all rechargeables in the list, only 1450mAh

6. Energizer AA Batteries Alkaline Max

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Now let’s hop back to the alkaline aa batteries for single use only. The rest of the reviews will only be single use.

I presented so far the best batteries from the overall and value point of view. Now I will focus only on the best alkaline batteries that are from the top brands. The first choice in the article was a single use lithium type battery, the next was the value alkaline choice but we never saw the rest of the alkaline choices that may not be the value choice.

Energizer Max are the best AA alkaline batteries in my personal opinion and based on everything I found in my research. You also got to understand that the last three reviews, including this one, are all excellent choices and only have nuances for differences.

Energizer AA Alkaline max offers an incredible amount of power and represents an awesome choice for high demanding devices. Demanding toys or flashlights will be lit without any issues and they will last long too. They also handle low demanding devices quite well because their self drain is incredibly low.

They can hold their charge for up to 10 years. That means the charge they came with from the factory will be available to you for at least 10 years. So you don’t have to use them in any near future. That is very good because buying these batteries in bulk will reduce their cost.

Speaking of cost, they are expensive but it is justified considering the peace of mind they offer. However, they are still not the value choice like pick no 2, the AmazonBasics alkaline.

But unlike pick no 1, these batteries are not that expensive. So while not being an absolute value choice, they present the best choice in order to get something that is reliable and long lasting.

These batteries are well designed and have a leak resistant construction that will save your devices and you from the fuss of having to clean up the horrible goo and acids that can leak from alkaline batteries.

Overall, the best alkaline single use choice to give you a piece of mind and assurance that you are getting the strong stuff.


  • Strongest alkaline AA battery
  • Long-lasting
  • Holds factory charge up to 10 years
  • Doesn’t self-discharge at any noticeable rate
  • Free replacement if a leakage occurs
  • Excellent leakage protection
  • Great for everyday use


  • Expensive
  • Non-rechargeable

7. Rayovac Fusion AA Batteries

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Rayovac Fusion would be the next choice, being that they are a bit cheaper than the Energizer Max but prices could change in the future. Still, these are nuances again.

Rayovac Fusion is one of the strongest 1.5v alkaline AA batteries you could get today. They are made in the USA and offer immense power for high drain devices. Anything demanding like flashlights, toys, digital cameras and etc. will be handled easily.

When it comes to the self-discharge rate, the Rayovac Fusion handles this properly. The batteries will last up to 12 years in storage so again, it is worth your while if you get a bigger package like 16 pieces. Eventually, you will spend them all and save money in the long run with these best long lasting AA batteries.

These alkaline batteries are designed to prevent any leaks from happening. They are very safe and you don’t have to worry that leaving them in a device will cause acid to leak out. Still, you should never leave batteries in any device for really long periods of time, that’s just not a good practice.

Rayovac states that their batteries are tested twice prior to shipment which is a good quality control practice and helps in weeding out the occasional dead batteries that may accidentally leave the factory. They are very dedicated to their work and being that they are made in the USA, I think that they are one of the top AA battery brands.

You can rest assured that if you use the Rayovac Fusion AA battery, you will get your money’s worth, they are reliable, are the longest life AA battery with their 12 year shelf life, don’t leak and have a ton of energy in them.


  • Very strong alkaline AA battery
  • Long-lasting
  • Holds charge up to 12 years
  • Doesn’t self-discharge at any bad rate
  • Great leakage protection
  • Made in USA


  • Expensive
  • Non-rechargeable

8. Duracell Quantum AA Alkaline Batteries – Long Lasting

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Now you might be wondering why I placed the Duracell brand for last. Well we can look at it from two perspectives why I did that.

First, we can say that I saved the best for last. This could be true depending on your battery use case and your brand preferences. There is definitely some truth in that.

Second, because regardless of how good they are, they are expensive. In my opinion, you get less than what you pay for when compared with some other battery on the list. That doesn’t mean that if we do the one on one battery comparison the Duracell Quantum is not the best. It is, and probably would last longer than any other alkaline battery on the list depending on the use case of course. And depending on the specific individual cell.

But if we were to take the ideal cell from the Duracell Quantum that didn’t have any fallacies and compare it with any other alkaline battery on the list that was also in its prime state, the Quantum would probably win. But win, by a little.

Price difference? Not just a little.

Realistically speaking buying a Duracell Quantum, their prime line of batteries, is like buying a Lamborghini, you get it all. Easily. But, you would have to pay quite a sum for it.

I use these myself whenever I need something that is really powerful and reliable but I don’t use them very often. Most of the time I would use a cheaper battery that would be just slightly worse off. However, if I need the maximum power and I don’t have any Energizer lithium batteries on me, or they are not a good choice, then I would think about taking a few from my Quantum package.

These batteries are an excellent choice for high draining devices like toys, game controllers, humidifiers, security cameras, digital cameras, handheld gps devices, walkie-talkies and similar. They also have a 10 years shelf life, meaning that their self draining rate is really low.

The Duracell Quantum double AA alkaline batteries are made with a special feature called PowerCheck which allows you to instantly check the power level of the battery. That’s actually very handy and justifies their high price a bit.


  • One of the strongest alkaline AA batteries
  • Long-lasting
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Doesn’t self-discharge at any noticeable rate
  • Excellent leakage protection
  • Great for when you need extreme reliability and power


  • Expensive
  • Non-rechargeable

Battery Buying Guide – How To Choose Your AA Batteries

image of an AA battery

Let’s now take a look at various differences these batteries above have and see if I can help you make your choice if you haven’t already. Plus it’s a good opportunity to learn something new.

Lets start with the battery types.

Batteries by Type

We can say that the main differences the batteries have are based on the material they consist of and if they are rechargeable or disposable single use aa battery.

Since these two are quite connected let’s talk about them by separating the material and their usability.

Alkaline – Single Use Disposable AA Battery

The good ol’ alkaline battery. It is still one of the most used batteries in the world even if it is just a single use type. While they can be recycled it is generally better to use a rechargeable type if you will be using them a lot.

Still, many quality manufacturers like Energizer, Rayovac, Duracell and a few others are doing their best to make a cell that even if disposable, will provide you with an immense amount of power. That way your money and the work that went into manufacturing and transport is not wasted.

Never buy cheap, dollar store alkaline aa batteries. They won’t last a fraction of what quality made choices will.

They are a great choice for game controllers, TV remotes, wall clocks, alarms, digital cameras and etc.

While rechargeable alkaline batteries do exist they don’t have a good rate of use. They lose their quality much faster than other more advanced types like NiMH type. We will get to those soon.

Lithium – Single Use

Not to be confused with the Li-ion (Lithium ion). They are not the same thing. At all.

Lithium AA batteries that you can buy today are an excellent choice for highly demanding devices thanks to their huge amount of mAh that they can hold.

They are also an excellent choice for low power-draining devices thanks to Lithium’s stability. They self-discharge at a much slower rate than the alkaline battery. That is why it is a great idea to use these in devices that are in hard to reach areas or for devices that you wish to set and forget in general.

Speaking of a piece of mind, these batteries are much less likely to ever leak on you and especially if you get them from the quality brands. The Energizer’s lithium on the top of the article is your best bet for getting the most from this type of battery.

Nickle-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) – Rechargeable

There are multiple types of reusable types but let’s stick with the NiMH as it is the most used type in the AA battery format.

NiMH is a successor to the NiCd batteries so to speak. NiCd is an older type of reusable batteries that had its problems like high self-discharge rate, problems with memory effect, high toxicity as Cadmium is a highly toxic metal and etc.

NiMH is a much better battery type and it is used widely today in many households. It performs really well, doesn’t have the memory issues, holds the charge well (especially from good brands like Ikea, Panasonic Eneloop, Energizer and etc.), it can be packed with high mAh numbers and it is safe to use.

General Battery Safety

image of the aa battery leaking acid

You should remove the batteries from the device if you don’t plan on using it for a longer period of time like let’s say a few months. It is also very wise to use batteries of the same brand and age in the device.

Never attempt to use a battery that started leaking. If the acid from the battery gets on your hands or into your eye, immediately wash with a lot of tap water and seek medical help.

Keep batteries out of reach of children. Dispose of them according to their instructions.

If the battery has any sort of deformities in shape, color, smell or similar you should discard it. If a battery feels hot, make sure you don’t just throw it in the garbage can. That can cause a fire.

Never attempt to recharge the nonrechargeable batteries or mix them in with the reusable ones in their charger. It won’t work and you can cause an explosion.

This is just my two cents on battery safety. If you wish to learn more about it here is the link and another. I don’t want to bother you too much with it since you are here to buy them, not to take a class in safety but it’s good to know some of these things.


Getting the best aa battery for you might take some trial and error as well. You might have a slightly different experience than what I had and what my research has shown. However, this is a list to get you started.

Buy according to your needs and budget. If you plan on using a lot of batteries then getting a good set of reusable NiMH batteries is a greener and cost-effective choice. Even if it costs you a little bit more at first, it will actually save you money in the long run. And that long run is not that long either, buying the Ikea reusable battery that I listed above will start paying off after about 8-10th time you recharge them.

If you are looking for a value choice for a regular single-use alkaline AA battery then the AmazonBasics is hard to beat. Just make sure to get more of them because that way you will get them the cheapest.

And in the end, if you are after the best single-use stuff then getting alkaline batteries from Energizer, Rayovac or Duracell is your best bet. You won’t make a mistake by doing so. It will cost you a bit more but they will also last more per cell basis.