Best 9v Battery Reviews – Rechargeable, Single Use and Long Lasting Choices

Considering the fact that the 9 volt batteries are used in some serious devices like smoke detectors and alarms, you are going to want to get the best 9v battery you can get.

Even if you need them for other devices that are not as critical you should still strive to get the high quality 9 volt batteries because they are quite costly.

You want to get your money’s worth. Am I right?

This is why you should only get the batteries that have a good price to quality ratio. Not overly expensive ones that have poor or just plain decent charge. I have had a chance to mess up on this part many times with many brands and that cost me quite a sum.

That is why I decided to write this review and compile a list of the longest lasting 9v batteries for various budgets and needs. While they will differ in price, their price to quality ratio will be great in all of them. It is just that you will be able to choose according to what you need.

Best 9 volt Battery – Rechargeable and Single Use Reviews

Considering the fact that these batteries are always needed for certain devices and that they are not really cheap I decided to include the best 9v rechargeable batteries (NiMH and Li-Ion) and the single use lithium and alkaline types.

I will write about the longest lasting, rechargeable, single use, best value, best overall and etc. As you will see, some batteries are much cheaper when bought in bulk or others are cheaper than others while still holding a great charge which makes them an excellent value but not the best choice when you need reliability and etc.

You should choose according to your needs. For example, if you need the best 9 volt battery for smoke detector you will need something very reliable and that is where we should begin.

Now, Let’s go.

1. Tenergy 9V Lithium Batteries, 1200mah Non-Rechargeable

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This is the best 9 volt battery for smoke detector or any other device that you need reliable power for. You can of course use it with any device that needs a 9v battery but considering that this is the most expensive option on the list it only makes sense to get them for the highly needed stuff.

// These batteries are expensive but they provide immense value and they actually have a very good price to quality ratio considering what you get. They hold much more charge than batteries that are less expensive which means that for the price of two less expensive ones, you get them in a single unit of this battery from the Tenergy and on top of that you get more charge. Easily the best 9v battery.

These 9v batteries will provide you with more than double the amount of charge than most other single use brands. That is because they are based on Lithium. Not to be confused with Lithium-ion, just lithium. They are not rechargeable.

They hold 1200mAh which is much more than other single use batteries provide and they are also incredibly efficient at keeping that charge. They lose only about 2% charge per year on their own self discharge which is excellent.

These batteries are also rated for safe outdoor and indoor use. They can operate as expected under ultra-low temperatures down to -40F and high temperatures up to 140F. They are an excellent choice for outdoor equipment.

They have safety certifications and are designed to be leakage free. They are very reliable and can safely be used with expensive equipment. If used properly these batteries will provide you with an excellent experience. They also offer free lifetime support from their local team based in California.

Tenergy is a brand that doesn’t mess around. I have used their batteries and they are usually among the top brands that I would recommend to anyone. If you are after the best 9v battery that is single-use, then you found it.

2. Tenergy 9V NIMH – Best Rechargeable 9v Batteries

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For the second pick, I decided to go with the rechargeable batteries. Again, these are from the Tenergy brand. I usually recommend their premium rechargeable line but in the case of 9V batteries, I think that their regular Centura line is a better pick overall.

They can be recharged up to 2100 times. Think about how much money that will save you if you decide to get the rechargeable 9v batteries. While they have less charge than many batteries on this list, they represent the best value because of their affordable price and incredible quality.

Tehenrgy Centura 9V rechargeable batteries are based on Nickel-Metal Hydride or NiMH for short and they are a low self discharge battery. Perfect for devices that need stability and reliability like smoke detectors, alarms, security systems, cameras and etc. They are also a good choice for calculators, walkie-talkies or similar wireless devices.

They hold way less charge than the pick above but they are rechargeable. You should also know that the pick above holds an immense amount of power so don’t expect any other pick on the list to have anything close to it.

These batteries have 200mAh amount of charge. They are good enough for all of your low powered device needs. Usually, 9V battery powered devices do not need any high amounts of power as these devices are a low drain in general.

These batteries are very safe and reliable. They will not leak on you, break or cause any other trouble. They also hold safety certifications and offer a full year of warranty.

3. EBL 9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries – Li-ion

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Now on to the next rechargeable pick. These 9v batteries from EBL are also a pretty good choice. EBL is generally speaking one of the top battery brands when it comes to rechargeables.

These batteries have more charge than the before reviewed Tenergy brand 9v battery but they are more expensive and a bit less reliable from what I can tell. I don’t think that they represent an overall value choice but an excellent choice if you want rechargeable batteries that hold more charge.

To make that less confusing. If you need rechargeable 9v batteries that will last longer in devices, and you are willing to pay more, then the EBL is better than the Tenergy Centura 9v.

On another hand these batteries have shorter charge cycle. They can be recharged up to 1200 times as opposed to 2100 times with the Tenergy line.

They also don’t seem to provide you with their full capacity. Usually, you will see about 80-90% of their capacity reached. They are still however packed with charge as their advertised capacity is 600mAh, which even if not fully reached is three times that of the Tenergy.

EBL 9v batteries are pretty safe and shouldn’t cause you any trouble. They are well designed but being that they are Lithium-ion based they are not good for high temperatures so be careful not to expose them to it.

They are a great choice for devices that need a bit more juice. If you need to power audio devices for prolonged periods of time or if you want to switch out batteries less often then these rechargeable batteries from EBL might be a better choice.

4. VONIKO 9V Batteries – Best alkaline 9v batteries

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It wasn’t easy to decide which single use battery will get the best alkaline 9v batteries pick in this review. Because there are two of them that could be chosen. VONIKO or Energizer. I decided to go with the VONIKO because it is slightly cheaper. Energizer will be covered as the next choice.

The VONIKO provides you with the longest lasting 9v battery in this price range of alkaline batteries. Allmax is also a great choice and with pretty much the same price. Allmax won’t be covered here however, because I think that the VONIKO are better overall.

VONIKO 9v batteries hold a good amount of charge that will power all of your devices. Smoke alarms, calculators, recording equipment, multimeters, toys and similar will not have any issues with the power draw from these batteries.

They also have a very low self discharge rate. They are rated for a 7 year shelf life. This is good because it is more affordable to buy their bigger package of 12 as you will easily spend that much in 7 years. Their 4 pieces package is also a good option if you need just a few of them and also quite cheap compared to the more expensive brands.

The batteries from VONIKO are very safe from leaking as they have a double layer internal structure that sits within the steel cover. They are not going to leak or corrode if used properly.

Their batteries are also pretty on the eye. Not that it matters but it shows that they have a devotion to their brand. All of their lines share a uniform design that is easily recognized.

Overall, if you are looking for a single use alkaline 9v long lasting batteries then the VONIKO represents a great choice as they are not expensive while being of high quality. I recommend them based on my humble opinion as a great value battery.

5. Energizer Max 9V Batteries Premium Alkaline

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Energizer is a brand well known for their quality and I recommend them in most of my battery reviews articles. However, they don’t usually hold the highest value spot for alkaline batteries as does VONIKO in this example.

Still, while they cost more they are also very reliable and packed with power. They will not necessarily last longer than the VONIKO but they surely will cost more. That is just something worth noting here.

Other than that, they offer excellent, power-packed long lasting 9v batteries. You will not regret buying them as they will easily power all of your devices from the recording equipment, smoke detectors, alarms and other security equipment, cameras and others.

For people less invested in the battery world, Energizer will also offer a better piece of mind as you will be familiar with the brand. They are always doing their best that you get the best battery for your needs. Just make sure that you are getting them from a trusted source. Don’t be buying them of some random sellers on Amazon or eBay.

Still, they are too expensive for my taste. Plus they offer just 5 years of shelf life as opposed to 7 that the pick above promises. This may not be a deal breaker if you will be using them immediately in your devices and maybe save a few for later use but if you need something that will hold your back down the line it’s probably better to get something with a longer shelf life.

I love the Energizer brand but I wish their 9V battery line was cheaper. Still, if what they offer is good enough for you and you don’t mind paying more for their brand name, I don’t think that you will be disappointed. My job is to let you know about the things like their lower shelf life and higher price and it is up to you to see if it works for you or not.

Their batteries are also very safe. They have great leak proof designs and they will not cause you or your devices any problems if used properly.

9V battery buying guide – Rechargeable or Single use

The most important thing that differentiates all of the presented batteries are the materials they are made of and if they are single use or the rechargeable 9v batteries.

If you need the best you can get reliability, low self-discharge and power in a battery then the lithium, single-use battery from the Tenergy is your best bet. Lithium batteries, in general, will provide you with more energy but it still depends on the brand and their quality. In the case of 9V batteries, the Tenergy takes the cake. Energizer for example has a great Lithium AA battery but I think that Tenergy actually offers the best lithium choice here.

Another single-use option is the alkaline battery and you should choose to go down this road only if you don’t need to constantly use these batteries as that will cost you quite a lot. Another reason would be if you can’t deal with constantly charging the batteries and you like the reliability of single use alkalines. Just take them from the box, pop them in and it’s set and go.

The rechargeable, Nickel-Metal Hydride or NiMH for short, 9v batteries will be your best friends if you need to constantly use these batteries. Why spend so much money and contribute to pollution with single use batteries if you don’t have to. Using the rechargeable 9v batteries will save you time and money.

The only con of rechargeable batteries is that you actually have to charge them. So you must plan ahead. This will not be an issue for most people. However, if you need serious reliability for work purposes then perhaps this could be a deal-breaker.


In the end, I would just like to say that you should buy batteries according to your needs and your budget. Also, try to think ahead and see if you could save money down the line by getting the best value brand or the highest energy density like the Tenergy lithium.

Considering your use case you will be able to conclude if you need the rechargeable batteries or not. If you need a few 9v batteries a year then maybe it won’t be worth your while to get a charger and a set of batteries. Or maybe it will if there appears a reason for their further use down the road. This is something only you can know.

I hope that this was helpful. I did my best to present you the top choices you can get and show them from various perspectives in order to paint you an image of what are their best use scenarios. If this was helpful then please share this article with your friends. Don’t leave them guessing about the batteries and have them spending their money in vain.

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