Best 16340 Battery – Highest Capacity RCR123A

Finding the best 16340 battery is not really an easy thing to do and mainly because there isn’t that much information about them on the internet.

First of all you need to get it from a quality brand and there are only a few of them on the market.

Second you should get a battery suited for your needs.

These cells are quite unrepresented on the market even if they are widely used for security cameras like from Arlo or other devices like the flashlights.

They are also called RCR123A batteries or the rechargeable version of the CR123A batteries. The CR123A is a lithium non rechargeable battery that has 3V.

The 16340 battery or RCR123A battery is a lithium ion battery that has a nominal 3.6V and carries around 600-700mAh of capacity depending on the brand you go for.

Never buy any lithium ion battery from a random brand. Especially 16340 cells for which there aren’t many quality brands around. Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if designed poorly or if the brand flat out lies about their CDR rating or their capacity.

5 Best 16340 Batteries Reviews

You will now see the best brands for 16340 batteries but keep in mind that these 13640 cells are meant for different use.

Still, they can be used for the use they are not really meant for as long as you never drain them at a rate higher than their CDR or continuous discharge rate.

Since most of you reading this article are going to be looking for replacement batteries for your security cameras lets start first with these.

1. Tenergy Premium High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries Arlo Certified Li-ion 3.7V 750mAh

image of Tenergy RCR123A 16340 battery

Now while these are the best 16340 batteries for use with the security cameras and are Arlo certified that doesn’t mean that that is their only use.

These are the best overall choice. Regardless if you will be using them in your cameras. flashlights or for laser.

They have the highest protections in place and especially when it comes to overcurrent protection. They have over-discharge and overcharge protection too. A very safe battery that will give you peace of mind.

These RCR123As from Tenergy have a 750mAh of capacity which is great. There aren’t many competitors to these when it comes to the capacity.

They are Arlo certified and are the best batteries for Arlo cameras. If this is why you are on this article then you want either these or the next pick below which is very similar.

They are designed to withstand high summer heat and ice cool winter days on the outdoors.

You can recharge them up to 500 times and they are not going to lose a lot of their rated capacity as you are reusing them.

Tenergy is a USA based brand and they are well known for their high quality rechargeable batteries. They also provide lifetime customer support via their free to call number.

2. Tenergy Rechargeable Batteries Arlo Certified Li-ion 3.7V 650mAh

image of Tenergy 16340 lithium ion

Similarly to the batteries above, these 16340 rechargeable batteries are their smaller brothers from Tenergy.

They have a smaller capacity sitting at 650mAh. This also makes them cheaper. But since the price difference is not that big you should probably go with the above pick unless these are currently at some discount. Check that first and if they are not then you should go with the Premium line above.

Or if you are fine with a 100mAh less charge in your batteries these are still an excellent choice.

They have all the same protections in place and are safety certified by the strict battery standards.

They make an excellent choice for Arlo security cameras and other digital devices too. You can’t go wrong with the Tenergy brand really.

3. Nitecore NL166 – Best 16340 battery for flashlights

image of Nitecore nl166 RCR123A

Now let’s proceed to the flashlight world exclusively. The Nitecore Nl166 are the best 16340 batteries for flashlights if we are looking at the maximum continuous discharge current.

They can handle the output of up to 6.5A which makes them the best choice for high drain flashlights. Not many 16340 batteries can handle that many amps. The drawback is a bit lower capacity as they sit at 650mAh.

These li-ion 3.6V RCR123 are very safe as they have a built-in PTC protection board designed to stop high current surges and to protect from overcharge, over discharge and short circuits.

They also have nickel plated protectors at both ends that makes them highly impact resistant while providing optimal electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance.

Nitecore is a brand that stands tall among the flashlight brands. They make some of the best flashlights there are which also makes them a highly suitable choice for flashlight batteries. While their cells are expensive you are going to get the highest quality experience with them.

4. Fenix Arb-L16-700-Rechargeable 16340 Battery

image of ARB-L16-700

Fenix is another excellent brand when it comes to their flashlights, chargers and especially batteries.

But when it comes to the 16340 batteries they are sitting behind when it comes to the CDR rate. If you need a high CDR battery for your device then Fenix may not be the way to go.

However, if you need a great 16340 battery for regular LED flashlights that is not very expensive then this battery from Fenix is a great choice. Cheaper than Nitecore and offering a bit more capacity (with a lower CDR) makes a great choice for regular LED flashlights.

This cell has 700mAh capacity and multiple layers of protection. First of all, it is covered in a steel shell for impact resistance and secondly, it packs all of the standard protections like overcharge and over discharge protections.

It can be recharged for 500 times.

5. Fenix Arb-L16-700up Built-In Usb Rechargeable Battery

Image of a USB rechargeable 16340 battery

This battery from Fenix is similar to the previous 163400 battery but it has a higher CDR rating. Still lower than Nitecore and costing pretty much the same.

However, it has also the ability to charge via a micro USB port on the battery which can be very beneficial to some of you. If you don’t need this feature then this battery may not be the best choice as the Nitecore battery has a much higher CDR rating (with a lower capacity).

But if you are okay with the CDR of 2.5A then this battery can be a great choice for your flashlight.

It is properly protected just like the previous cell from Fenix as it has over charge, overdischarge and over heating protections.

This battery also has a bit higher maximum charging current than the Nitecore cell. Maybe this is beneficial to some people that are in need of faster charging.

Are you also looking for the top CR123A batteries?

In case you are after the single use lithium 3V best CR123A battery then follow that link and check out my guide on picking the best one for you.

Be careful what you are using in your device. If your device needs non rechargeable CR123A then using the rechargeable RCR123A/16340 battery may not be a good idea. Only use the 16340 battery in place of the CR123A if the device can handle the higher voltage the 16340 lithium ion can supply.


There really aren’t many choices on the market when it comes to the quality 16340 batteries. You are quite limited there. While there are a few other quality brands that produce these cells, I choose these as the best based on my research and experience.

Be careful of any cells claiming much higher capacities than around 700mAh or 800. Be especially careful of brands claiming very high CDR ratings coupled with high capacities because those two don’t really go together.

While there certainly are manufactures that know how to make a high CDR lithium ion cell that is also high in capacity that is not something that just anyone can pull off. These things are complex and only the manufacturers that are in this game for a long time can actually do that and you would know their name by now. So any random brand claiming something like that should be avoided.

I hope I helped you find your 16340 battery. Remember to pick yours according to your device and needs. Don’t use a low CDR rated battery in a device that has a high current drain and avoid using any batteries that don’t have many protections in place.

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