Best 14500 Battery Reviews – Li-ion and NiMH Rechargeable Cells

Finding the best 14500 battery is not as easy as it may seem. That is thanks to the unavailability on the market on one hand and the overwhelmingly flooding of fake no good cells.

That’s a very weird combination.

High quality li-ion 14500 batteries are very rare on the market but you can find a ton of random brand names that claim thousands of milliampere hours of capacity on various sites like aliexpress and similar. There are even some on Amazon and eBay that are absolute fakes.

You don’t want to get a battery with poor quality for two reasons:

  1. The lithium ion batteries are not a joke. Regardless of the fact that this is a small battery you need to get the quality stuff. Poor li-ions can catch fire and cause serious problems.
  2. Fake batteries will have a poor life cycle and they will greatly underdeliver in their capacity and CDR rating.

But there is still light at the end of the tunnel as they say.

I wrote this article to help you find the best 14500 battery cell for your specific needs. I made a selection of high quality trusted brands. These are unlikely to cause problems but you must take care of them properly and use them as they are meant.

5 Best 14500 Battery Reviews

I will write about the 14500 lithium ion battery cells mostly but since this cell is similar in size to the AA cells I will also give you a choice for NiMH AA cells.

Most of the choices below will be a standard 3.6V lithium ion 14500 but I also picked a quality 1.5V lithium ion 14500 battery for those of you that need an AA battery that is a rechargeable li-ion.

Most of these batteries are meant for the low drain devices and they make the best 14500 battery for flashlights but I also included the cells for high demanding devices as well.

Now let’s see the batteries!

1. Nitecore NL1485 14500 cell

image of the Nitecore NL1485

Nitecore is a well known brand for their flashlights, high quality chargers and their batteries. They represent a premium choice when it comes to lithium ion batteries in general and their 14500 battery line is definitely not an exception.

This is a power packed cell that contains 850mAh that is designed for use with high drain flashlights. It also has all the protections in place like the integrated battery protection circuits meant to prevent battery overcharge and over-discharge.

It can be recharged more than 500 times and comes in a button top form as most of the 14500 batteries. In fact, it is very hard to find a flat top 14500s on the market right now.

This battery has nickel plated stainless steel poles that offer additional external protection.

These batteries hold their charge really well and for a long time. You can’t go wrong with the Nitecore brand.

2. Tenergy 3.2V 400mAh 14500 LiFePO4

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Tenergy is a well known brand in the battery world. I particularly love their rechargeable lines. They are USA based in California and they really try their best to provide you with a quality product.

This is the best 14500 battery for solar applications. It works best when used for solar powered lights like the garden, landscaping lights, path illuminating lights and similar. They are meant for indoor and outdoor use and they can operate in high and low temperatures as expected.

Unlike your usual lithium ion battery, the lithium-iron-phosphate battery or LiFePO4 has a nominal voltage of 3.2V and these also have a lower capacity. They are an excellent choice for solar use and can be used by some other devices but just make sure that your device will work with the 3.2V.

These 14500 batteries from Tenergy have a very long life as they will endure 800 charge/discharge cycles. That is why they are mostly used for solar.

If you are looking for a battery to power your solar devices then this is your choice. Tenergy also offers a lifetime support line where they will answer all of your questions and help you as much as they can.

3. Fenix 14500 Rechargeable Batteries Li-ion

Now back to the regular li-ion 3.6V 14500 battery cells.

The Fenix is another phenomenal brand well known for its high quality flashlights, chargers and batteries. They offer premium battery lines and their 14500 is one of their best they have.

They offer two versions of 14500s. The first is your regular 3.6V li-ion battery and the second version is a 1.5V lithium-ion battery. The second version is meant for people looking for a high capacity li-ion AA battery replacement.

The 3.6V 14500 is an excellent choice for flashlights and other low draining devices. It can be reused 500 times before it loses about 25% of its capacity. That is very good because even if you lose 25% you still get a lot of charge as these batteries hold 800mAh at their best.

They are PCB protected in order to prevent any short circuits, overcharge, over-discharge and overheating. Additionally, they are fully enclosed in a steel shell for impact resistance.

If you buy from Fenix, you won’t regret it. They do their job well and are generally considered a top of the line in the industry. They are expensive but their quality control is excellent.

4. VAPCELL H10 14500 10A Button top

image of Vapcell H10 14500 battery

This is the top 14500 cell choice for high drain devices. It has a CDR rating of 10A which means that it can be continuously discharged at a rate of 10A. For 14500 batteries that is a lot but when compared with much bigger batteries like 18650s and 21700s that is nothing. So be careful what you are doing with any kind of high drain usage.

Know your device and its needs. Never use this battery if your device will pull more than 10A of current continuously.

This battery also has a 1000mAh capacity which is just amazing in the 14500 battery market. It is difficult to find a battery with this high capacity. Unfortunately, they are hardly available on the market so if you find them somewhere make sure you snag them immediately.

Since it is a button top it also represents an excellent choice for highly demanding flashlights too.

5. Tenergy Centura NiMH battery

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 Like I said earlier, for some of you the NiMH 1.2v might be a way to go. Maybe your device requires a 1.2-1.5V 14500 size battery or in other words an AA size battery. Those sizes are really similar so I decided to add a good NiMH choice as well in the article.

These are some of my favorite batteries from Tenergy and they will perform for you like a Swiss clock as they say. They are long lasting and they have a very low self discharge rate. They retain keep 85% of their charged capacity up to a year. So they are good to go as you need them.

Now the biggest shock is the fact that they can be recharged up to 2100 times. They beat everyone from their competition. These batteries are a very ecological choice. They also come precharged.

While they have a similar size to the 14500 battery (almost identical) you still have to make sure that your device will work with the 1.2v battery. Because when we are talking about the 14500 battery we usually mean the li-ion 3.6v.

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These are some of the finest 14500 batteries you can get today and you should choose based on your needs. The Fenix and Nitecore are a no brainer when it comes to the flashlight community. Although expensive they provide the highest quality. Additionally, since there aren’t many other choices on the market they are usually a go to choice.

You can also use a vapcell listed above for the flashlights as it will be of perfect value but you have to find them first. They are usually unavailable if you try most li-ion battery shops. This battery is also your best bet at using it in highly demanding devices like for vape devices.

You should be extra careful with li-ion cells even if they are small in size like the 14500. Always practice safe use and educate yourself on the dangers associated with the li-ion batteries. That is ultimately the responsibility of the battery user.

I hope I helped you narrow down your battery choice. If this article was helpful then please share it with your friends that are also into batteries as quality 14500 cells are tough to find and especially in the sea of fake brands that over exaggerate their capabilities.

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